Image: Chanel

1. Every Fashion and Beauty Retailer Closing Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic: From Glossier and Gucci to Sephora and Supreme, here’s a running list of all of the fashion and beauty retailers that are closing up shop – temporarily – in light of the Coronavirus crisis. – Read More on Fashionista

2. Environmental, social and governance reports are not enough: In the face of coronavirus, companies, including fashion ones, must now adapt and show they can walk the talk. – Read More on the Financial Times

3. Sports, Retailers, Airlines, Autos: The Damage Across Business. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès and other megabrands were forced to shut dozens of stores in mainland China, Macau and Taiwan, while China’s well-heeled shoppers stayed home rather than splurging during trips to European fashion capitals. Now, the virus’s emergence in the U.S. is threatening to sap demand in another of the industry’s biggest markets. – Read More on WSJ

4. Chinese Fashion Industry 80 Percent on Track to Recover: In Shanghai, luxury consumers were queuing to shop in Chanel again at Plaza 66 during International Women’s Day. It has shortened trading hours since the outbreak in China, but never shut its doors like it just did in the U.S. – Read More on WWD

5. As Mulberry announces the departure of its creative director, how can it return to its former glory? It’s not the most surprising news, following as it does several years of wobbly financial results from the brand – in November, the company communicated continued sales declines in the UK and an uptick in international trade that wasn’t enough to offset nearly £10 million in losses for the half-year. – Read More on the Telegraph

6. Beyond discounts: Retailers offer frequent shoppers out of the box perks. As brick and mortar and e-commerce retail struggle to navigate the current landscape, loyalty programs are acting as a bridge to shoppers. – Read More on Modern Retail