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1. Retailers Face Spate of Hyper Activism Amid Post-COVID, Pre-Inflation Transition: Beyond the routine process of outsiders showing interest in businesses they perceive to be undervalued, the ongoing spate of external demands being put forth by large institutional investors onto the retail sector is something more akin to hyper activism. – Read More on PYMNTS

2. Is e-commerce and social media the next big frontier for luxury fashion? Traditionally reluctant to go online, and usually confined to proprietary websites or multi-label e-commerce specialists, the luxury industry has been expanding its digital footprint in recent years by actively seeking new partner. – Read More on SCMP

3. Luxury Goods Are Becoming as Attainable as Fast Fashion: Environmentally aware and well educated on the value of sustainability, younger consumers view fashion through a different lens than their predecessors, and marketers have taken notice. – Read More on AdWeek

4. Why VC funding has moved on from traditional clothing startups: Some of the profitability challenges of the category range from costly seasonal inventory to high returns on apparel purchased online. – Read More on Modern Retail

5. Neutral Swiss adopt more EU sanctions against Russia: “This means that all measures contained in the EU’s fourth package of sanctions have been implemented,” the government said. – Read More on Reuters