1. H&M Says Tech Investments Helped Sales Climb 12%: “Thanks to our investments in areas such as tech, AI and the supply chain, we have improved precision and faster response times — giving our customers access to an even wider and more relevant assortment that is adjusted to regions, stores and online.” – Read More on PYMNTS

2. Product Branding Takes a Deadpan Turn, Starring “The.” Articles are powerful tools, and different ones accomplish different things. “The” provides specificity and authority, so much that The Ohio State University fought to trademark the three-letter word last year—and prevailed. – Read More on the WSJ

3. RETRO READ: The Ohio State, Marc Jacobs, and the Quest to Register “THE” as a Trademark. The trademark registration for Ohio State follows from an array of rounds before the USPTO, which argued that the mark was “merely a decorative or ornamental feature of [the] clothing” it was used on. – Read More on TFL

4. Luxury Boom Makes Richemont, Burberry Key European M&A Targets: British raincoat-maker Burberry Group Plc and German fashion brand Hugo Boss AG are among the luxury-goods firms being marked out as potential M&A targets this year in Europe.  – Read More on Bloomberg

5. If TikTok does get banned, where will advertisers go? “TikTok’s not the only social media with a questionable track record on data protection, Google and Facebook have taken reputational hits and fines for just that.” – Read More on the Drum