Image: The RealReal

1. The RealReal Plans More Stores to Boost Fashion Resale Economy: Executives are looking to open a few shops each year in large U.S. cities to help harvest goods from people’s closets and attract new buyers and sellers. This week, it will open its first store in San Francisco, and plans to unveil another in Chicago this summer. – Read More on Bloomberg 

2. RETRO READ: With 9 Million Users and an Online Advantage, The RealReal is Widening its Net. Brands have become increasingly willing to engage in the business of liquidation, or the off-loading of excess merchandise at a discount. The RealReal seems like the perfect place to do it. – Read More on TFL 

3. How the Coronavirus’ Effect on the Fashion Industry Reveals Flaws in the Global Economy: Companies in a wide range of industries are dependent on China as both a manufacturing behemoth and billion-plus-consumer market. But as life in some parts of the country comes to a near-standstill in the face of the outbreak, that reliance looks more and more like a weakness. – Read More on Time 

4. How “climate positivity” could revolutionize the fashion industry: The new term, proposed by the Slow Factory Foundation, encourages scalable solutions rather than empty promises of sustainability. – Read More on i-D 

5. H&M made its former sustainability chief its CEO. Now it wants to help other fashion houses become sustainable: Helmersson’s appointment as chief executive was seen as a signal that H&M intended to ramp up improvements in the sustainability of its supply chain. Now the group is set to capitalize on that work in a new way, earning a service fee by plugging other fashion outfits into that supply chain. – Read More on Fortune