1. Gucci, Adidas’s Leaky $1,644 Parasol Faces Backlash in China: Luxury label Gucci and sportswear firm Adidas AG are grabbing headlines in China for selling an 11,100 yuan ($1,644) umbrella that doesn’t even stop rain. Never mind that the brands say that’s not what it was designed to do. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Luxury Brands Are Counting on Americans to Keep Spending: In 2021, Americans bought 32% of luxury goods by value and the Chinese just 23%. Luxury brands are therefore counting on U.S. shoppers to offset some of the pain caused by the latest shutdowns in Beijing and Shanghai. – Read More on the WSJ

3. To Learn How Consumer Behavior Will Shape the Future of E-Commerce, Look to China: It’s not uncommon for Chinese brands to attribute more than 20% of sales to their private domain channels, where the brand owns the first-party data, gets better insights into customer behavior and preferences, and builds a more personal relationship with its audience. – Read More on Inc. 

4. Unionization Is Starting to Spread Across the Retail Sector: Inspired by the recent wave of union campaigns at Starbucks and Amazon, retail workers at major chains like Target are launching new organizing drives across the United States. – Read More on Jacobin

5. Data Protection is Critical in E-Commerce Strategies: Adapting to e-commerce strategies proved difficult for some retailers whose business models are built on deeply personalized customer service, and they had to innovate in new ways to meet that demand for customization. – Read More on Total Retail

6. Retail spending increased 0.9% in April, boosted by demand and inflation: “Retail sales in April show that the consumer is weathering the inflationary headwinds, rising for the fourth consecutive month.” – Read More on CNBC