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1. Models Have Been Exploited Forever. Can a Law Change Anything? At issue is the matter of how management companies booking and handling models, stylists, and hair and makeup artists are overseen. – Read More on the New York Times

2. Luxury Brands Must Be Strategic With NFTs in the Metaverse: The NFT market will consolidate at some point and brands that were too fast or not strategic, differentiated, and daring enough in their NFT initiatives may pay a high price later. – Read More on Jing Daily

3. How Companies Can Prepare for a Long Run of High Inflation: Pay extra attention to global developments, realignment of countries’ alliances, and changing policies of international suppliers. These factors can no longer be taken for granted. – Read More on HBR

4. Met Gala, Fashion’s Biggest Night, Returns to May Perch: The year’s biggest night in fashion, the Met Gala, returns to its usual berth on the social calendar this year after pandemic upheaval. And if it feels like one of those what, already moments, it is. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. RETRO READ: More than 70 Years Later, How Fashion’s Most Glamorous Night Remains Relevant. In its early days, a Met Gala ticket cost $50 and attendees consisted almost exclusively of Manhattan’s charity event-going circle, and figures from the fashion industry. That is, of course, no longer the case. – Read More on TFL