1. Ending the retailers’ crisis has a high price tag: Shrinking disposable income is making it hard for mass-market retailers to boost sales to protect margins, quashing hopes that high-street brands can copycat luxury players like Hermès and Chanel and simply hike prices to compensate for their growing cost base. – Read More on Reuters

2. RETRO READ: Luxury Brands Boast Warranties, Repair Services Amid Price Hikes, Circularity Push. There is the undeniable element of pricing. It is almost certainly not a coincidence that a number of the newly-introduced warranty/maintenance initiatives come as brands across the board have been aggressively raising their prices. – Read More on TFL

3. The New Risks ChatGPT Poses to Cybersecurity: ChatGPT is a game changer, affording hackers from all over the globe a near fluency in English to bolster their phishing campaigns. Bad actors may also be able to trick the AI into generating hacking code. And, of course, there’s the potential for ChatGPT itself to be hacked. – Read More on HBR

4. South Korea emerges as key battleground for global luxury brands: As the domestic luxury market grows, more luxury brands are entering Korea directly. French luxury brand Celine entered the Korean market directly in January after ending its contract with Shinsegae International. – Read More on Inside Retail

5. Rise of the Newsbots: AI-Generated News Websites Proliferating Online: NewsGuard has identified 49 news and information sites that appear to be almost entirely written by artificial intelligence software. A new generation of content farms is on the way. – Read More on NewsGuard

6. Shein, Fast Fashion Hit With Gen Z, Tries Charm to Counter Scrutiny: As you grow, people want to know more than just what product do you sell? They want to know who you are as a brand. What are your values? How are you making your clothes — what are they made out of?” – Read More on the NYTimes