Image: My Wardrobe

1. Appraisers sift China second-hand luxury market for fakes: It’s the world’s biggest market for luxury goods — and their counterfeits — so an expert eye for telling a bona fide Chanel handbag from a bogus one is a skill set in hot demand across China. – See More on AFP

2. Luxury Fashion’s Rental Market Is Ready for Takeoff: “For some brands, rental is attractive as it provides a more accessible price point to a new Millennial audience, as well as a sustainable solution and marketing narrative. For others, resale is a more appropriate solution, as they know there is recurring value in their brand stock.” – Read More on Yahoo

3. ‘Pre-loved’ fashion moves from niche to mainstream as retailers join the fray: Research in the US, for resale site ThredUp, suggests that 70% of women were prepared to buy secondhand fashion in 2019 compared with 45% four years earlier. It predicts that the resale market will be bigger than fast fashion by 2029 as traditional charity shops sell more items and the for-profit resale market balloons. – Read More on the Guardian

4. New AI Regulations Are Coming. Is Your Organization Ready? The FTC, for example, released an uncharacteristically bold set of guidelines on “truth, fairness, and equity” in AI — defining unfairness, and therefore the illegal use of AI, broadly as any act that “causes more harm than good.” – Read More on HBR

5. U.S. says China has fallen short on ‘Phase 1’ intellectual property commitments: China has made amended its Patent Law, Copyright Law and Criminal Law and published several draft regulatory measures on IP. “However, these steps toward reform require effective implementation and fall short of the full range of fundamental changes needed to improve the IP landscape in China.” – Read More on Reuters