1. He wrote a book on a rare subject. Then a ChatGPT replica appeared on Amazon: Semrush, a leading digital marketing firm, recently surveyed its customers about their use of automated tools. Of the 894 who responded, 761 said they’ve at least experimented with some form of generative AI to produce online content. – Read More on the Washington Post

2. AI Experts Aren’t Always Right About AI: Creating a system of checks and balances for artificial intelligence systems is a task for social and political scientists. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. China turnaround challenge dwarfs Adidas’ Yeezy debacle: A marketing strategy heavy on lifestyle and celebrity ambassadors rather than sportspeople and performance meant celebrities’ pullback from foreign brand endorsements left Adidas less visible in the market. – Read More on Reuters

4. How to deliver a successful ESG strategy: Since the footprint and practices of all suppliers factor into a company’s ESG metrics, it is very important to select business partners carefully. It is not sufficient to just ask potential suppliers about whether they meet certain standards and take their word for it. – Read More on VB

5. House China committee targets top clothing brands in forced labor inquiry. Reps. Mike Gallagher and Raja Krishnamoorthi, leaders of the House CCP Committee, sent letters to leaders at Nike, Shein, Temu and Adidas about possible trade law violations. – Read More on CNBC

6. What companies within and outside of the EU can expect of new European ESG regulations: The CSRD builds upon previous regulations such as the E.U.’s Non-financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) and increases the depth and breadth of organizations that are impacted. – Read More on Reuters