1. Carbon tax on clothes needed to cut ‘relentless’ waste in fashion industry: While there is a growing market for recycled, second-hand and repaired clothing, fast fashion continued to dominate the industry, leading to mountains of discarded clothes piling up on the beaches of Ghana or in Chile’s Atacama desert. – Read More on the Independent

2. Oil Prices, Luxury Stocks, Chinese ADRs Rise After China Eases Zero-Covid Policies: LVMH rose 2% in Paris. Kering gained 1.5%. Hermès International reversed earlier gains to decline 0.2%. Pandemic restrictions have curbed Chinese demand for luxury goods, a key source of pre-coronavirus growth for companies. – Read More on the WSJ

3. Retailers’ biggest holiday wish is to get rid of all that excess inventory: “Inventory is the most important factor. That’s usually not the case — usually it’s just a factor. Inventory is going to take on more meaning than the other metrics.” – Read More on CNBC

4. Bored Apes, Shiba Inu, Geico’s Gecko, Aflac’s Duck: Animal Brands Are Rising. In an age of technoscience rationality, branding is relying ever more heavily on the attractive power of animals. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. How Is Fashion Actually Measuring Up to Its Climate Goals? “In many cases, emissions did drop during Covid, [but] they’re really climbing back up again. It’s completely out of step with maintaining that 1.5C scenario.” – Read More on British Vogue

6. E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Reports Weak Singles Day Sales Growth: Alibaba on Friday didn’t disclose exact sales figures for the first time since it started its signature event, known as Singles Day, saying the results were in line with last year’s turnout. – Read More on the WSJ