1. What’s next for luxury brands in China after the 20th Party Congress? Luxury brands have had to slash forecasts for their 2022 China sales after a rocky year. Now, China’s middle class has seen its willingness to spend diminished by the zero-Covid policy, and the congress showed no sign of easing its strictness. – Read More on SCMP

2. Banksy says fashion retailer Guess ‘helped themselves’ to his work:  Renowned graffiti artist Banksy on Friday criticized fashion retailer Guess, saying it had used his work without permission, and invited shoplifters to pay the London shop a visit. – Read More on Reuters

3. Fashion brands grapple with greenwashing: There is a broad greenwashing crackdown across the fashion industry, as regulators around the world try to figure out how to address misleading environmental product claims. For example, describing polyester products as “recycled” when the material cannot be reused again at end of life. – Read More on the Guardian

4. China’s fashion industry struts its stuff for sustainability: A collaboration between Budweiser and Vegatex is just one example of how China is catching up to its Western peers as a laboratory for creating a greener and cleaner fashion value chain. – Read More on SCMP

5. Sam Bankman-Fried Becomes an ESG Truth-Teller: Mr. Bankman-Fried virtue-signaled by committing to make FTX “carbon neutral” and donating generously to fashionable progressive causes such as a foundation working to provide solar energy in the Amazon River basin. – Read More on the WSJ