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1. U.S. lawmakers call for privacy legislation after Reuters report on Amazon lobbying: The revelations underscored the need for bipartisan action on stronger privacy protections, he wrote. No major federal privacy legislation has passed Congress in years because members have been deadlocked on the issue. – Read More on Reuters

2. RETRO READ: Do Fashion Brands Need Chief Privacy Officers? With e-commerce continuing to grow as a proportion of total retail spending, and with such personalization and predictive benefits in mind, companies are increasingly seeking out greater data points. Yet, at the same time, many customers are exercising heightened caution about sharing data. – Read More on TFL

3. When Naming a New Product, Make it Easy to Pronounce. But Not Always. When a name is easier to pronounce, it’s easier for the brain to process, and so seems more familiar. Past academic research shows people often equate familiarity and control. – Read More on the WSJ

4. How your online shopping and COVID-19 clogged the supply chain: The complex orchestra of cargo ships, trucks, trains and airplanes that have long powered globalization and the consumer economy wasn’t prepared for what the pandemic would throw at it. Suddenly, the thing that we’ve long depended on to move things cheaply and efficiently around the globe started moving much slower. – Read More on CNET

5. ‘Explosion’ in secondhand clothes helps fill gap created by supply chain, holiday demand. Tradesy has seen “an explosion in sales of small leather goods, accessories, scarves, things that we consider giftable items are selling, where up 60% year over year.” – Read More on Yahoo