1. This Is the Reality of America’s Fast-Fashion Addiction: When we buy fast fashion from the comfort of our couches, we support a system in which low-wage workers (most of them people of color) make the clothes at one end of the world, and other low-wage workers (many of them also people of color) process the returns, unseen in the concrete suburbs of American cities. – Read More on the NY Times

2. Luxury goods boom in Britain as super-rich youngsters buck the recession: The other side of the boom – the rise of the luxury reseller. Buying a watch, a handbag or a pair of trainers has become a new type of investment, although nobody refers to these resold investments as “second hand.” – Read More on the Guardian

3, How retailers are reshaping the advertising industry: More sophisticated customer profiling has invited scrutiny from data privacy campaigners. And while the ability to reach a wide audience through advertising is helping Amazon and co. withstand pressure on sales during the cost of living squeeze, the expense and logistics required to build digital media businesses risk leaving smaller chains even further behind. – Read More on the FT

4. Don’t bank on free returns: 60% of retailers roll out stricter policies. On average, retailers expect about 18%, or $158 billion, of merchandise sold during the holiday shopping season to be returned – up from 16.6% in 2021. – Read More on CNBC

5. Louis Vuitton picks Shanghai for first furniture and homewares store: Louis Vuitton on Friday announced plans to open a dedicated furniture and homewares store in Shanghai, a world first for the French luxury brand as it aims to expand further into lifestyle offerings to affluent Chinese clients. – Read More on Reuters