Image: Parade

1. Retail sales surged this Black Friday, though the day’s impact is diluted: Out-of-stock items due to supply crunches, higher prices for gas and food, and labor shortages that make it more difficult to respond to customers are also causing frustrations for shoppers. – Read More on NPR

2. Malls turn to luxury retailers: If your mall has survived the pandemic, it may look a little more bougie than it did in 2019. Think more Burberry and Cartier stores, and fewer JCPenney storefronts or Hot Dogs on a Stick. It’s all part of a very K-shaped mall recovery. – Read More on Marketplace

3. Victoria’s Secret lingerie challenged by Parade, a start-up selling underwear for all body shapes: Anchored by colorful basics starting at $8 and marketing filled with diverse faces and bodies, Parade won over teens and younger 20-somethings – the oldest members of the Gen-Z cohort that established brands are desperately trying to lure. – Read More on SCMP

4. The trillion-dollar question: How to fix the fashion industry: “Reducing carbon emissions will be one of the defining challenges of our generation and the fashion industry. The good news is that a strong pipeline of solutions can drastically decarbonize the industry.” – Read More on EuroNews

5. “Brands have been getting away with murder.” Stella McCartney and leading fashion figures on the fallout of COP26: “While there has been positive progress, it is still far too slow. What was glaringly missing from the conversation was the question of growth – both in terms of financial growth and production volumes. – Read More on the Guardian