Image: Cartier

1. ‘We’re not perfect but we’re freaking trying’: Chloé’s Gabriela Hearst on making fashion sustainable. “We live in a (world) that is overproducing things that we don’t need,” she said, explaining that her three-point approach to design looks at fossil fuels, overconsumption and the need to rehabilitate the environment. – Read More on CNN

2. China’s luxury goods market: how big is it, and what impact has the coronavirus pandemic had? China’s share of the global luxury goods market was about 32 per cent in 2020, but in five years it is set to surpass the United States to become the world’s largest, while commanding more than a third of sales in the Asia-Pacific. – Read More on SCMP

3. Luxury Ditches the Slash-and-Burn for Share-and-Care: Luxury brand cachet doesn’t just revolve around being exclusive. Younger shoppers also care about sustainability and ethics. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. For Fashion Brands, Green Is the Hardest Color to Sell: One of the fastest ways to cut the fashion industry’s carbon output would be to encourage shoppers to wear their existing clothes more. Getting twice as much use out of a garment would reduce the sector’s emissions by 44%. – Read More on the WSJ

5. RETRO READ: Burned Bags, Destroyed Watches: There is More to the Alleged Destruction of Luxury Goods Than You Think. In accordance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection program, “If imported merchandise is unused and exported or destroyed under Customs supervision, 99 percent of the duties, taxes or fees paid on the merchandise by reason of importation may be recovered as drawback.” – Read More on TFL

6. Are clothes made from recycled materials really more sustainable? “We’ve been led to believe that recycled and sustainable are synonymous, when they are anything but,” said Maxine Bédat, executive director of the New Standard Institute, a non-profit pushing for a sustainable fashion industry. – Read More on the Guardian