Image: Lulu’s

1. Not so fast! Supply bottlenecks strain fashion chains: A business model that aims to bring new styles into stores every three or so weeks and where shoppers expect to see fresh, reasonably priced merchandise on each visit is discovering its limitations. – Read More on Reuters

2. Lulu’s Fashion files for IPO: Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Holdings Inc. has filed for an initial public offering, the latest retailer seeking to tap equity markets to fuel its growth. The fast-fashion company revealed that it has been profitable this year. – Read More on MarketWatch

3. LVMH Sends Mixed Signals on Chinese Luxury Spending: LVMH management said Beijing’s new focus on wealth redistribution isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the well-heeled consumers that buy its goods. Up to 80% of luxury sales in China are made to middle-class rather than ultrarich shoppers. – Read More on the WSJ

4. Supply chain issues “not as big a factor” for luxury retail: “There are some segments of luxury, like watches and jewelry, where there’s some parts scarcity. But that’s a different supply chain challenge than the one that we’re seeing hitting toys and other mass manufactured goods.” – Read More on Yahoo

5.  Could TikTok force the fashion industry to finally acknowledge its wastefulness? Donating or selling these products at a discount would undermine the very assumption upon which the luxury industry is built — that its products are more expensive because they’re more valuable. – Read More on Mic

6. Video Games Are Becoming a High-Fashion Playground: Increasingly, gamers want their virtual characters to look good, even if their sole mission is to stay alive. So, virtual cosmetics—as in the clothes, hair, and makeup with which you customize your character—are becoming important facets. – Read More on Vogue