1. Fashion Industry Gets Torn by Europe’s Soaring Energy Bills: Thousands of small factories and workshops that supply brands like Gucci and H&M have watched their business models unravel amid the surge in natural-gas and electricity prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Report finds ‘horrific’ working conditions at Shein: In two factories, employees were working up to 18-hour days and were given only one day off a month. The working conditions and reported hours directly violate China’s labor laws. – Read More on Yahoo

3. Controversy Persists Over Amazon’s Use of Data to Favor its Knockoffs: “They copied the general shape, they copied the access points, they copied the charcoal color, and they copied the trapezoidal logo badge.” – Read More on Forbes

4. Most Metaverse users don’t even make it a month: Meta is struggling to keep users engaged with glitchy features and empty worlds. Even employees appear not to enjoy the platform, saying there is a “quality” problem. – Read More on Business Insider

5. Retailers, Brands and Tech Platforms Bet Big on Live-Streamed Shopping in the U.S.: Some U.S. marketers see live shopping as a critical way to build awareness and trust among young consumers, attract new customers and collect data on shoppers, including their behavior online before making a purchase. – Read More on the WSJ