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1. Chanel is Aiming for Hermes Status with Handbag Price Hikes: Luxury-sector executives and analysts say the magnitude of the increases signals an aggressive corporate strategy: asserting control over one of the brand’s most popular products while taking aim at higher-end rivals. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. RETRO READ: Chanel is Raising Prices, Reportedly Putting a Quota System in Place for Some of its Bags. Not the only brand placing limitations on the sale of certain products, Chanel joins the likes of Hermès, which has notoriously limited the quantities that consumers can purchase of certain “quota” bags, namely, Birkin and Kelly bags, to two bags per a calendar year in furtherance of a “very limited distribution strategy.” – Read More on TFL

3. Shopify: The Future of Retail. “In this increasingly complex, competitive, and crowded e-commerce landscape, we believe a differentiating factor lies in merchant’s ability to deliver immersive shopping experience to consumers across multi-channels.” – Read More on Seeking Alpha

4. Department stores becoming more lucrative as pandemic drags on: Local department stores are seeing growing sales as the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic prompts customers to purchase luxury goods sold in physical stores, rather than online, as a form of stress relief. To entice customers to visit regularly, department stores have begun putting on art exhibitions and employing other marketing strategies. – Read More on Korea Times

5. China shines regulatory spotlight on livestream retail boom: China’s internet watchdog drafted rules for the first time last year – being implemented on trial this year – to regulate the country’s livestreaming marketing industry requiring internet platforms to better monitor their content and ordering live-streamers to register with their real names. – Read More on Reuters