Image: Boohoo

1. Boohoo’s 45 percent rise in sales shows that scandal won’t stop fast fashion shoppers: More than £1 billion was wiped off of the fast fashion group Boohoo’s share value back in July, after allegations emerged that it had connections with ‘sweatshop’ factories in Leicester. Almost overnight it plummeted, from a June valuation of £5.2 billion, which was more than rivals Marks & Spencer and ASOS combined. – Read More on the Telegraph

2. H&M to close hundreds of stores as online shift accelerates: H&M has been shutting more stores and opening fewer over the past couple of years as it adapts to the online shift that is driving more competition. The retailer said earlier this year its net number of stores would decline already in 2020. – Read More on CNBC

3. Digital fashion is no more appealing than digital life: This year, the moaners have been silenced – the pandemic cancelled what is already being described as the “traditional” fashion show. It has now become impossible to contemplate spending 20 minutes assessing fancy clothes while sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of fellow fashion victims (a breed prone to aerosol-generating activities such as gushing greetings, although at least they tend to kiss the air, rather than one another). – Read More on the Economist

4. It’s Not Marketing. These Products Are Truly Limited Editions: Companies often use the illusion of scarcity to make products appear more exclusive than they are. Scarcity marketing is more common in the luxury sector than anywhere else. Scoring a hard-to-find sneaker is more than a purchase—it’s an ego-boosting success. “You’re not only showing the rest of the world how special you are, you’re showing yourself that, too.” – Read More on Bloomberg

5. Coco Chanel Was A Nazi. What does that mean for fashion today? Chanel is not just a historical person, it’s also a very successful and powerful brand that exists today. Much of the storytelling around Chanel’s life has come from, or been influenced by, the brand that bears her name. – Read More on Forbes

6. RETRO READ: Chanel and the Controversial Entrepreneur Who Started it All. The full extent of Coco’s Nazi ties may not be inherently common knowledge, at least in part because Ms. Chanel never publicly commented on or explained her wartime activities, refusing to answer questions on the subject. Unwanted attention was further suppressed after the conclusion of WWII when the Wertheimers opted out of taking legal action in order to oust her from the brand, as an ugly legal battle would undoubtedly tarnish the brand’s already delicate image. – Read More on TFL

7. Can Black Lives Matter Finally Fix the Fashion Industry? “You have to flip the mirror on your own organization, especially before you make any sort of statement. What have you done internally as a company to make it right? It shouldn’t be that the one person of color in your organization is in the Diversity and Inclusion role.” – Read More on Cosmo