1. Coronavirus Pandemic Continues to Challenge the Luxury Goods Industry: Lockdown measures in China largely affect luxury goods companies purchasing high-tech goods, textiles and leather goods, cars and timepieces from Chinese suppliers. – Read More on EuroMonitor

2. Italian antitrust fine for Apple and Amazon cancelled on appeal: An antitrust win for Amazon and Apple in Italy, where an appeals court has cancelled a multimillion-dollar penalty the pair was hit with last year for alleged collusion following an investigation into the reselling of Apple and (Apple-owned) Beats kit on Amazon’s Italian e-commerce marketplace. – Read More on Yahoo

3. Seven Lessons on Dynamic Pricing (Courtesy of Bruce Springsteen): This controversy illustrates seven lessons that managers should keep in mind when adjusting prices, including the need for clear communications, longtime customers’ expectation that they deserve a discount, and the fact that high prices will raise expectations about quality and service. – Read More on HBR

4. What a circular economy means for sustainable retail: “You can design for an infrastructure that is in the works or developing. But the reality is, in order to have a financially viable circular solution, someone’s got to be at the back door of recycling and processing facilities to buy that material for reuse, for its next life, whatever that may be, and they need to be buying it consistently.” – Read More on Fortune

5. Nearshoring: After decades spent “offshoring” production the pandemic, war and climate crises have made us painfully aware of the vulnerability and impacts of our globalized supply chain. – Read More on Suston Magazine