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1. Resale becomes fashion’s fastest growing trend: Sucharita Kodali at Forrester said resale makes up only about 5% of the apparel market. But “it is growing faster than apparel certainly is growing. It’s growing faster than the retail industry is growing. It’s even growing faster than e-commerce.” – Read More on Marketplace

2. Emotional Attachment to Brands Outweighs Price Concerns: “Across the world, consumers seem to be looking at pricing a little bit differently than before. Consumers are shopping faster in-store, and they might be paying less attention to pricing as a decision factor, and there might be even more relevance to the brands that they feel more attached to.” – Read More on PYMNTS

3. Common prosperity — the policy directive du jour of President Xi Jinping — won’t banish luxury goods from Chinese malls. But it will usher in a new era where watches are encrusted with fewer diamonds and logos no longer embellish jackets and jewelry. – Read More on the Washington Post

4. RELATED READ: As Prices Continue to Grow and the Government Hints at a Wealth Crackdown, Parallel Imports in China Warrant Attention. The risk of higher taxes “may curb these big spenders,” which could prove to be significant for luxury brands, which, in many cases, generate roughly 50 percent of their revenues from the Asia Pacific region. – Read More on TFL

5. These are the most hated brands in America: “A huge global brand like Uber, Lego, or Sony is naturally going to have more tweets about it. When you have an enormous number of customers, you’re bound to upset some of them. It just goes hand-in-hand with being a brand of this size. – Read More on Fast Co.