1. Appraisers appreciated as worries over faux luxury items rise: The market for authenticating luxury goods has been growing in recent years due to the diversification of purchasing channels such as department stores, boutiques and outlets making use of online platforms and secondhand transactions. – Read More on Korea JoongAng

2. Mytheresa CEO on luxury spending: Customers are buying “even more luxury items, more timeless luxury items. So, the types of items they buy are at a higher price point.” – Read More on Yahoo

3. Riding Hermès to Record Revenue: Leather is still king, and given the enduring passion for Birkins and Kellys, Hermès works at capacity. Waiting lists for the products are not a function of artificial scarcity, but actual scarcity. – Read More on the WSJ

4. How ‘Dupe’ Culture Took Over Online Fashion: Influencers have an incentive to post and promote popular dupes: through Amazon’s influencer program, creators get a small percentage of sales when people purchase items with their links. – Read More on Rolling Stone

5. Fast-Fashion Giant Shein Plans U.S. Expansion as Sales Climb: Shein’s long fulfillment times have frustrated some shoppers and could become a hurdle as the company tries to sell more higher-price products with fatter profit margins. – Read More on the WSJ

6. H&M Sales Miss Estimates as Retailer Falls Behind Rival Zara: Hennes & Mauritz AB sales declined more than expected over the summer as the Swedish retailer fell further behind rival Zara amid a growing cost-of-living crisis across Europe. – Read More on Bloomberg