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1. China Wields New Legal Weapon to Fight Claims of IP Theft: In four major cases since 2020, Chinese courts granted so-called anti-suit injunctions blocking foreign companies from taking legal action anywhere in the world to protect their trade secrets. Three of the rulings were in favor of Chinese telecom companies—Huawei Technologies Co., Xiaomi Inc. and BBK Electronics. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Everyone wants to be an influencer: Takumi, a premier influencer marketing agency, received twice as many applications from people looking for representation in 2020 than it did in 2019. And year-to-date, it’s grown another 150-200%, Takumi group CEO Mary Keane-Dawson said. – Read More on Axios

3. What Would a Truly Circular Fashion Industry Actually Look Like? One of the main issues is that discussions around circularity are usually limited to one piece of the jigsaw, whether that’s resale, renting, or using recycled materials. Just having a take-back scheme doesn’t mean you’re suddenly operating on a circular model – in fact, data suggests that less than one per cent of clothing is currently recycled into new clothes. – Read More on British Vogue

4. On Sustainability: The Watch Industry’s Scorecard. Responsible sourcing of raw materials is indeed the most urgent topic that needs to be addressed by the watch and jewelry sector. Especially because the raw materials are often mined under difficult conditions that turn biodiversity-rich rain forests into moonscapes, and are often associated with human rights violations. – Read More on the New York Times

5. Designers Try Selling Clothes First, Making Them Later: “The industry has to change,” said Lawrence Lenihan, the chairman and co-founder of Resonance, which has raised $45 million since its 2015 launch. “Brands can’t be stuck making decisions 12 months in advance.” – Read More on the WSJ