Image: Unsplash

1. At Top Magazines, Black Representation Remains a Work in Progress: Diverse covers also do not always reflect a diverse staff. The people creating magazine covers — the models, photographers and hair and makeup artists — are typically freelancers and contractors, hired quickly and employed temporarily. Long-term staffing changes take more time and effort. – Read More on the New York Times

2. Fashion and Retail’s Tech Boom Goes Deeper: Technologies today, particularly artificial intelligence, machine learning and other data-driven models, quantify the pursuit and rip insights that predict what shoppers want. Platforms promising to make this a reality include giants like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and many others. – Read More on Yahoo

3. There’s no such thing as sustainable fashion: “We’re hearing very little about what the fashion sector is doing to eliminate fossil fuels from its supply chain. Fossil fuels are the major contributor to climate emissions, and this sector is one of the biggest contributors to climate emissions globally.” – Read More on Fast Co.

4. What’s the formula for e-commerce profitability? Dick’s Sporting Goods, for one, says it achieved significantly higher profitability in the second quarter in its e-commerce channel through fewer and more targeted promotions, better leverage of fixed costs and strong customer adoption of curbside and in-store pickup. – Read More on Retail Wire

5. Designer Virgil Abloh: “The forefront of fashion is not a trend, it’s not a fabric, it’s not a self-serving prophecy, it’s empowerment. It works every time. It works every generation, this idea of enlightenment.” – Read More on the WSJ

6. Day-Trading Army Goes All-In on NFTs as Meme-Stock Mania Ebbs: Thanks to collectibles like Pudgy Penguins and the Bored Ape Yacht Club going viral on social media, sales of non-fungible tokens on the largest marketplace, OpenSea, jumped to $3 billion in August. That’s more than 10 times the tally in the prior month. – Read More on Bloomberg