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1. Can Quotas Fix Diversity? These Major Companies Hope So: Some of the country’s biggest companies have set targets to make up for a lack of Black workers. Fashion house Ralph Lauren Corp., for instance, said it aims to make 20% of its global leaders people of color, including Black, Asian and Latino workers. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Retail Eviction Proceedings Pick Up as Economy Restarts: Landlords said they have modified tens of thousands of leases over the past few months, including deferrals or discounts in exchange for lease extensions or other concessions, such as the removal of clauses that prohibited certain types of tenants in the neighboring space, such as direct competitors or other uses of common-area space. But for some, negotiations reached a stalemate and landlords said they have no choice but to resort to litigation. – Read More on the Wall Street Journal

3. The fashion world looks to China: The fewer middlemen involved, the less grey-market activity there is, and the more control brands have over how their goods are presented and sold. See Nike, for instance, which recently slashed the number of retailers selling its shoes. No more Jordans on Zappos.Read More on Axios

4. Retailers are seeing app downloads surge: But, there’s a risk that app usage may start to decrease once shoppers feel more at ease shopping in stores again. The retailers who will get the most out of the current increase of app downloads are the ones who offer enough unique services through it that will convince shoppers to use it regularly. – Read More on Modern Retail

5. Beauty Stocks Face New Reality Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: Makeup sales were already softening for about the past two years partly because of some consumers’ increasing preference for a more natural look. According to research firm Mintel,  U.S. retail sales of color cosmetics are projected to be down 10.6 percent in 2020. – Read More on the Wall Street Journal

6. Demand for luxury vehicles is returning to normal: Speaking at the launch of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost on Wednesday, Torsten Muller-Ottos told the BBC that demand is now “more or less back to normal” in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. – Read More on CNBC