Image: Burberry

1. Burberry Plans Ethical Luxury Investment: Burberry Group Plc is offering a touch of luxury to ethical investors. The trench-coat maker intends to sell a sterling sustainability bond, as the socially responsible debt market increasingly grows beyond utilities, banks and governments. Companies in the industry have tapped ethical investors to help pay for projects. Pradaraised a sustainability-linked loan last year, while VF Corp. has sold green bonds. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Shopify, Suddenly Worth $117 Billion, Is One of the Biggest Pandemic Winners: Millions of small businesses have had to adapt to a world where online sales abruptly jumped to levels that weren’t expected for years. U.S. e-commerce sales surged 37 percent to $200 billion in the second quarter. Big brands have long used Shopify’s technology to sell directly to consumers. During the pandemic, it has been small-business owners, however, that have given the company a boost. – Read More on the Wall Street Journal

3. Luxury brands must be human first: “It is important to emphasize the value behind luxury goods,” says Filip Libal, CEO of Worldwide Partners agency Proboston, based in Prague. “Luxury goods no longer serve as a demonstrative status symbol as they once did. Rather, they now showcase a way of preserving value, an investment.” – Read More on the Drum

4. Fendi Selects Kim Jones to Replace Karl Lagerfeld: Mr. Jones will be responsible for the haute couture, ready-to-wear and fur collections for women, Fendi said in a statement. He will also maintain his current position as artistic director of Dior Men in Paris. – Read More on the New York Times

5. Now-stalgia: why fashion is going back to the future. “Nostalgic content comprises a big portion of what resonates well with viewers in 2020,” Abraham says. “It’s almost like a new form of expression, creating a repository of images of significance or inspiration in a sort of modern day form of scrapbooking. We have social media: Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter to thank for that.” – Read More on the Guardian

6. RETRO READ: As Nostalgia Reigns Supreme on Instagram, It’s Driving Demand Amongst Consumers. The push amongst some of the web’s most well-known re-sale sites to stock throw-back pieces, and the rate with which these items are selling, is also indicative of a larger moment. Rati Sahi Levesque, chief merchant of The Real Real, told WWD late last year, “Nineties Dior slipdresses are flying out. Manolo Blahnik mules are gone. It feels like it’s a little more about the iconic pieces from a designer.” – Read More on TFL

7. Beauty Stocks Face New Reality Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: The coronavirus pandemic is changing the face of the makeup business, but sales are expected to bounce back once there is a vaccine. However, with no clear end date to coronavirus restrictions in sight, makeup sales are likely to remain depressed and will continue to weigh on the results of beauty companies. – Read More on the Wall Street Journal