In one of the latest iterations of a larger series of what British Vogue is calling “casual interviews,” fashion critic Anders Christian Madsen sits down with Dolce & Gabbana creative directors Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to talk about the shortcomings of modern-day fashion magazines, dressing Melania Trump, why they think “there are no longer any real fashion designers,” and more.

Here are a few of the most striking excerpts, and you can find the article in its entirely on British Vogue.

On looking at fashion magazines: You see a woman in a T-shirt… Fuck it, this is not fashion! ‘It’s cool.’ It’s cool? What is cool? It’s ugly. It’s just ugly. It’s just something to surprise someone, but who? No one. Fashion is enjoyment, it’s love, it’s happiness, enjoying to dress up to be beautiful and feel good.

On the “danger” of fashion today: Everyone worked with the right energy. After, they changed jobs and it became about business – the stock, the bank – and the fashion completely lost its identity. There are no longer any real fashion designers. It’s all about business and marketing. Mr. Saint Laurent died a long time ago. Christian Dior, too. It’s a dead collection for me. There are no longer designers with a personal story. This is dangerous.

On dressing Melania Trump: I’m not American, I’m Italian. I really don’t care about American politics. You do what you want. I’m a designer! She’s a customer. She was before she became first lady. In the game of newspapers and TV, everything is business. If you make it interesting you can talk about it.

On designing for a big brand: The big company takes a new designer and puts them over an old label. They think it’s a clever strategy, but it’s not. Because by doing so, you take away from the people the time to grow by yourself and who you are.