Image: Zara

1. What Happens When China’s Bling Binge Comes to an End? The delta variant and government interest in “common prosperity” may soon threaten consumption in China. That’ll hit the luxury industry hard. – Read More on Bloomberg

2, From #BamaRush to #MadeMeBuyIt: What does a fashion brand need to go viral on TikTok? In the ‘00s, it was the celebrities with brand deals that could boost a fashion label’s sales. In 2010s, came the influencers, with highly-curated Instagram feeds that could skyrocket an emerging name to cult fame with a single #ad post. Now, it’s TikTok that has the ability to make a label go viral in an instant. – Read More on R29

3. ‘Fashion industry has been playing lip service’ to sustainability: Allbirds co-founder. “I think the consumer is starting to demand that businesses and manufacturers in every sector make products that are more environmentally thoughtful and apparel is no different. Synthetic materials are not the future.” – Read More on Yahoo

4. RETRO READ: Fashion’s “Sustainability” Endeavors Need to Be About More than Fabrics, Recycling. The fast fashion business model, in particular, is the very antithesis to sustainability, and yet, fast fashion retailers continue to claim efforts related to sustainability. – Read More on TFL

5. NYC Shoppers Shun Madison Avenue as Swanky Boutiques Depart: Foot traffic on the stretch of Madison from 57th to 72nd streets was at just 71% of 2019 levels the week of Aug. 8. That’s lagging behind Upper Fifth Avenue just a block away, and Soho, which is seeing more shoppers than before the pandemic. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. What can fashion brands do to address their environmental impact? “It’s not going to happen in my lifetime, but the narrative needs to change to everybody doing whatever they can to ameliorate the climate crisis, with the concept of buying less and looking after what you got.” – Read More on the Drum