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1. India’s Future files new case against Amazon in top court over $3.4 bln retail deal: India’s Future Retail on Saturday filed a new case against at the Supreme Court in its latest effort to seek clearance for its $3.4 billion retail assets sale, which the U.S. firm has challenged. – Read More on Reuters

2. ‘Nationalist consumption’ boosts Chinese fashion industry: A nationwide shopping spree has turned the Chinese sportswear maker Erke from an also-ran to one of the hottest brands in the country, highlighting how the trend for “nationalist consumption” has changed China’s retail landscape and put pressure on Western companies. – Read More on Nikkei

3. Debunking the Hemline Index: The theory was developed in the 1920s and posits that the length of dresses can be an indicator of where the economy is headed, with shorter cuts pointing to good times and longer ones signaling a downturn. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Retailer-fashion brand matchups thrill Wall Street but often fail: Target’s shares rose about 50 precent between the beginning of March and the middle of July, compared with an increase of 18 percent in the S&P Retail Industry Index for the same period. But the odds are good that Target and Levi’s linkup will come and go without leaving any appreciable impact on the company’s long-term performance. – Read More on Forbes

5. Chanel buys up more jasmine fields to safeguard famous No. 5: The luxury group said it had bought up an extra 100,000 square meters of land, adding to the 20 hectares it already exploits in partnership with a local family near the town of Grasse, known for its surrounding flower fields. – Read More on Reuters

6. RETRO READ: The Battle for the World’s Most Famous Fragrance: Chanel No. 5. The war over the rights to Chanel No. 5 dates back to 1924 when Ms. Chanel, herself, joined with French businessmen Pierre and Paul Wertheimer to expand the distribution of her fragrance business, which, at the time, was only available to clients who visited her Parisian atelier. – Read More on TFL