Image: Italic

1. Retail bankruptcies: Creditors are betting that companies such as Ann Taylor’s parent company Ascena – which is using bankruptcy to tweak its business model, planning to reduce physical locations from 2,800 to just 1,200 – and Men’s Wearhouse can become smaller businesses with less debt while maintaining their basic strategy. – Read More on the FT

2. The Netflix effect: DTC brand Italic tacks to memberships as a path to sustainability. Many DTCs have relied on one-off impulse buys or monthly replenishment orders from newly-acquired customers, many of which discover the brand via Instagram or social feeds. As these brands grapple with how to lower their CAC in order to improve their margins, Italic is betting on locking in long term retention with a $99 annual membership. – Read More on Modern Retail

3. NASA’s ‘worm’ logo was dormant for 28 years. So why are people so obsessed with it?It’s developed a cult following of its own over the decades and has been a part of fashion collaborations and pop culture generally. “The general public probably sees it as a nostalgic and retro representation of NASA. That’s a whole genre into itself.” – Read More on Fast Co.

4. RETRO READ: As NASA Reintroduces its “Worm” Logo, a Look at the Branding & Re-Branding of the Federal Space Agency. The 1970s NASA rebrand was part of then-president Richard Nixon’s “urgent desire that the growing partnership between government and the arts continue to be developed to the benefit of both, and more particularly to the benefit of the people of America. Against that background, the government launched the Federal Graphics Improvement Program in 1972. – Read More on TFL

5. What will the focus of fashion be after the coronavirus? Clothes can be a good barometer of the state of the world and how its people are thinking. After economic crashes, flashiness can feel wrong. At the same time, people will tend to value things that are well made and designed to last. Investment feels different after uncertainty: it’s taken more seriously. – Read More on SCMP

6. Fashion industry says purchase order cancellations will endure in Q3 and beyond: Beyond the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the fashion industry’s concerns have remained largely similar to 2019. Increased sourcing costs, supply chain risks and compliance, and diversification remain key challenges. – Read More on Supply Chain Dive