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1. Department stores are dying. Could this shopping app replace them? The app, created by the former COO of StitchFix, offers recommendations that are tailored to your preferences. You start by taking a quick survey about your style, then the algorithm uses AI and machine learning to identify your aesthetic preferences, from your favorite colors to your profound hatred of off-the-shoulder dresses. – Read More on Fast Co. 

2. The Fashion Industry’s Reset: An Important Message from the British Fashion Council and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. “The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the fashion industry from every angle and severely impacting all of the global fashion capitals, and while there is no immediate end in sight, there is an opportunity to rethink and reset the way in which we all work and show our collections.” – Read More on the BFC

3. How Betsey Johnson Built a Fashion Empire and Lost Her Name: After the 2008 crash—and, according to “Betsey,” creative clashes with the new owners—the Johnson brand found itself $48.8 million in debt … In August, 2010, the shoe entrepreneur Steve Madden scooped up Johnson’s debt—and, eventually, control over her name—for an undisclosed sum. – Read More on the New Yorker

4. RETRO READ: The Dangers and Hurdles that Come With Fashion’s Penchant for the Eponymous Label. Given the enduring success of so many of the brands’ that are named after their founders, it is easy to forgive new designers for thinking that their own name is the most optimal one to put on their brand. However, when put into practice, the eponymous label often leads to legal issues, and in at least a few cases, serves more as an example of what not to do than a roadmap for success. – Read More on TFL

5. Fashion is Facing Mountains of Unsold Inventory—Is the Pre-Order Model a Viable Fix? An estimated 100 billion items of clothing are made each year for a global population of 7.8 billion people. Around 20 percent goes unsold, and cast-offs may be incinerated or landfilled. – Read More on Vogue

6. Victoria’s Secret is closing a quarter of its stores: Victoria’s Secret is permanently closing a quarter of its stores in the United States and Canada over the next few months. It’s another blow to the beleaguered retailer just weeks after its $525 million dollar acquisition deal with Sycamore Partners was scrapped. – Read More on CNN