Image: Gucci

1. How AI and Mass Customization Could Change the Fashion Industry: When we talk about AI and fashion, it’s really about increasing the efficiency of the consumer experience, reducing waste and creating more sophisticated just-in-time inventory systems that take into account consumers’ bodies and preferences when they’re selecting an item. – Read More on Forbes

2. How carbon might go out of fashion: Clothes are hard to recycle into quality materials. A lack of recycling means the industry continues to rely heavily on virgin materials. Synthetic fibers such as polyester – produced using fossil fuels – make up more than 60% of the material used in clothing. – Read More on the BBC

4. Dior’s Entire Next Men’s Collection Is a Travis Scott Collab – Now It’s a Business Nightmare: Nike also has a new collab with Scott, but the sportswear giant has “spread out their risks pretty well so they can always fall back on another person they have a collab with. They could shelve it or pump the brakes.” – Read More on Rolling Stone

4. RELATED READ: From Celebrity Spokesmen to Big-Name Designers, Brands Grapple With How to Deal With “Morals” Issues. It is unsurprising that many companies have gone back to the drawing board – at least from a legal perspective – when it comes to enlisting Hollywood stars, professional athletes, big-name fashion designers, and heavily-followed influencers. – Read More on TFL

5. Luxury brands get in on the pre-loved act: These vintage offshoots – like Gucci’s Vault venture – are small and unlikely to impact the bottom line in any meaningful way for now. But they are an effective way to draw in new, climate-conscious consumers and boost customer loyalty, analysts say. – Read More on the FT

6. Adidas Takes Hit from Boycott in China, Once Seen as a Growth Engine: “We have to accept that China will be more difficult than we had hoped for as we started the year. I think we are in a politically tense situation that we need to work through.” – Read More on the WSJ