Image: Gucci

This year, 80 million shoppers from 120 countries started their fashion searches on Lyst. So, the LVMH-backed fashion discovery platform tracked more than 100 million searches – involving more than 5 million fashion products and 12,000 design brands – to determine the designers, trends, and influencers, among other metrics, that reigned supreme in 2018. Of Lyst’s findings, one category, in particular, is of interest: the hottest logos (i.e., trademarks) of the year.

From both a legal and a business perspective, brands’ logos are significant. After all, building and maintaining a strong and identifiable brand is one of a company’s biggest investments (it tends to be costly to get to the point where a trademark-protected name or logo embodies meaning for the average consumer) and one of its most valuable assets (consumers, in many cases, including luxury goods purchases, are buying into a brand and its story more than the product itself).

Beyond that, 2018 proved an interesting year for logos given the widespread rebrands at play – from Celine, Burberry, and Rimowa to the very recent adjustments made by Balmain, Alexander Wang, and Courrèges. Now, “Basically, 99 percent of logos in fashion are just black text on a white background,” says Gregorio Poggetti, a graphic design expert and Istituto Marangoni professor, who also points out that many brands are looking to a clean, fuss-free aesthetic, sans-serif typefaces and block lettering.

With all of this in mind, the top 10 logos “we lusted after in 2018,” per Lyst are …

10. Cèline: “The new Celine under Hedi Slimane came with [at least] one controversial difference – the loss of the è accent in the logo. Searches for Philo-era Celine logo pieces immediately spiked on resale sites, especially the logo plastic grocery bag and the ‘Classic’ leather tote.”

9. Louis Vuitton: “The classic LV monogram logo remains on the most wanted luxury motifs worldwide.”

8. Versace: “Demand for the Vintage Logomania sandals and Logo Tribute slides” surged this year. Also, “men’s and women’s jewelry featuring the iconic Medusa head logo was popular.”

7. Kappa: “From slides to track jackets, views of products featuring [Italian sportswear brand] Kappa’s logo were up 51%” compared to 2017.”

6. Gucci: “The most wanted logo t-shirt of 2017, Gucci’s popularity continued into 2018. Their logo belt was the hottest product of 2018, and other goods emblazoned with Gucci (and Guccy) continue to drive millions of searches every month.”

5. Fendi: The FF ‘Zucca’ monogram was catapulted back into the spotlight in February when Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her wearing Fendi logoed tights along with a Fendi logoed shirt. Searches for Fendi logo pieces are up 70% [compared to last year], across new and pre-owned luxury retailers.”

4. Prada: “As demand for the iconic Prada nylon accessories grew this year, searches for all Prada logo products increased worldwide.”

3. Fila: “2018 was a huge comeback year for the Italian sportswear giant. From logo emblazoned teddy coats to t-shirts, items with the Fila logo were viewed once every 6 seconds in May. A collaboration with Fendi [certainly helped].”

2. Champion: “A series of collaborations have kept the Champion logo front of mind for consumers [following from a Vetements collab in 2016], who are also searching for classic Champion logo pieces. From kimonos to fanny packs, the Champion logo was everywhere this year, search for more than 3,000 times a month.”

1. Supreme: Supreme’s iconic red box logo is fashion’s hottest status symbol. From the +1000% search frenzy when sell-out collaborations launch, to the sky-high resale value of Supreme branded pieces, Supreme’s logo was the most wanted if 2018.”