Case Studies & Snapshots

Stay up to date on the latest litigation and industry developments, including regulations and legislation, with our topical Case Studies & Snapshots.

A Snapshot on the Workings of the Trademark, “it” Bag Equation
A Quick Snapshot: Le Tote v. Urban Outfitters Readies for Trial
Chanel v. What Goes Around Comes Around: The Jury Verdict
Snapshot: Main Sequence v. Dudesy
Snapshot: The Federal Trade Commission’s Report on Generative AI Roundtable
A Snapshot of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive
Ahead of 2024, A Snapshot of Fashion’s Supply Chain Woes, Mounting Legislation
Snapshot: The FTC Reveals Right to Repair Focus with New Call for Comments
Snapshot: Taking the Temperature of Richemont, Farfetch’s YNAP Deal
A Snapshot of Luxury in 2023, 2024: Experiences, Leisure & Sports
Snapshot: The Nurture Originals, Foster Art, and Keep Entertainment Safe Act of 2023
A Snapshot of California’s Newly-Signed Climate Legislation
A Snapshot of Fashion Industry Concerns Over Generative AI
The Time-Sensitive Business Case for Gucci’s Revamp
The Circularity-Emissions Connection and the Rising RFID Market
Case Study: The Battle Over Hermès
Christian Louboutin: A Global Quest for Trademark Rights
Barbie Pink: A Dive into What Mattel’s Rights in the Valuable Color Look Like
Snapshot: Generative AI and the Right of Publicity
An AI Snapshot: USCO Determinations, Legislation, Infringement Indemnity
The Luxury Strategy & The 24 Anti-Laws of Marketing
A Snapshot of the State of the Apparel Supply Chain
Intellectual Property 101: A Fashion/Retail Primer
Case Study: Inside Nordstrom’s Adoption of a “Poison Pill”
Adidas x Yeezy: An Ongoing Study in Overcoming Corporate Crisis
Case Study: The Big Business that is Barbie
Comments on the Green Guides Shed Light on Demand for Clarity
Indicators of Source: A Case Study on Color Trademarks
A Primer on Artificial Intelligence and the Law in 2023
Use Cases for Blockchain in Fashion/Luxury
Chapter 11, Liquidation & Individuals’ Cases: A Fashion/Retail Bankruptcy Primer
Case Study: How Companies Are Rebranding in the Wake of the Pandemic
Case Study: The Battle for the Gucci Group