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Jan. 2024: The Fashion Law Annual Review 2023


Dec. 2023: A Running List of U.S. Copyright Office Decisions on AI Artworks
Nov. 2023: What’s Going on With All the Web3 TM Applications Now?
Oct. 2023: Initial Public Offerings and the Impact of Intangible Assets
Sep. 2023: Shein: A Look at the Legal Landscape for an Ultra-Fast Fashion Giant
Aug. 2023: A Snapshot of the State of Sustainability Litigation
Jul. 2023: The Fashion Law Biannual Review 2023 (H1)
Jun. 2023: The Evolving State & Effects of ESG Litigation 
May. 2023: Owning the Luxury Resale Opportunity
Apr. 2023: Public Comment on the USPTO, Copyright Study Provides Insight into NFT Issues
Mar. 2023: Use Cases for Blockchain Tech in the Fashion/Luxury Segment
Feb. 2023: The Embrace of AI is Being Reflected in Recent Trademark Filings
Feb. 2023: A Running List of AI-Related Trademark Applications for Registration
Jan. 2023: From False Advertising and FTX to AI and NFTs: Key Lawsuits to Watch in 2023


Dec. 2022: The Fashion Law Annual Review 2022
Nov. 2022: Resellers Are Revisiting Authentication Language Amid Clashes With Brands
Oct. 2022: The Benefits and Branding Strategies Behind Color Trademarks
Sep. 2022: The Latest Trend in Web3 Trademarks and Branding
Aug. 2022: Public Comment on the FTC’s Digital Ad Rules Provide Insights into the Metaverse
Jul. 2022: Trademark Cases to Watch in the Second Half of 2022
Jun. 2022: USPTO Responds to Nike’s Early Applications for Reg. for Metaverse Marks
May. 2022: What Brands Can Learn from RTFKT’s Metaverse Trademarks
Apr. 2022: The Rise in Blockchain Domains Presents Risks, Opportunities for Brands
Mar. 2022: As the SEC Proposes Climate Disclosure Rules, Some Takeaways for Retail
Feb. 2022: A Few Trademark Registrations Shed Light on Branding in the Metaverse
Jan. 2022: A Running List of Metaverse Marks


Dec. 2021: A Few Legal Trends We Saw in 2021 & What to Expect in 2022
Nov. 2021: The Metaverse is Coming. What Brands Need to Know
Oct. 2021: Authentication, Monopolization & the $40 Billion Resale Market
Sep. 2021: From Consumer Concern to Investor Action: The Risks & Rewards of ESG Marketing
Aug. 2021: As Tiffany & Co. Courts Controversy, What is the Risk?
Jul. 2021: A Big Question Amid Endless M&A: What About Goodwill?
Jun. 2021: Prada is Looking Build Out a Group Again, Sources Say
May. 2021: Going Green? Here’s What You Need to Know
Apr. 2021: Banking on Trademarks and the Asian Market, Gucci & Balenciaga Team Up
Mar. 2021: NFTs Are Here. So, How Can Luxury Brands Use Them?
Feb. 2021: Can A New Print Dramatically Transform Versace?